Our Vision

Burning Bush Ministries is a five-fold ministry with a vision to evangelize across the US, to plunder hell and populate Heaven. To take God's Presence, Glory, and Power to our nation. 

To equip and mobilize the church to do the work of an evangelist, to awaken the Bride with a fresh fire and passion to walk in her calling to win the lost. To reveal salvation and the reality of God's kingdom, power, and glory on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

We are committed to the mission of raising up a generation of radical soul winners. We operate to see people come into their inheritance and live as new creations through a release of God's divine power and glory, so that everyone who comes in contact with us and our ministry will be equipped and empowered to live as God created them to be. 

We believe that the Kingdom of God is not in mere word, but in a demonstration of power, and it is through the preaching of the gospelwith extraordinary demonstrations of faith, miracles, signs, and wonders following; that lives are transformed. 

Revive America

A movement of traveling evangelists on a mission to rescue the lost, restore the broken, equip the bride, and deploy Soul Winners to bring in the greatest Harvest of Souls the Church has ever seen. 

Please pray for an abundant harvest as we plunder hell and populate heaven in this region.